Caring for your Soft Hands garment

As all of the garments we create are handmade using natural fibres, some natural variation will occur. This means that each Soft Hands poncho, throw, wrap or blanket is completely unique and you will need to take great care of it to ensure it lasts a lifetime.

We also recommend placing your handbag strap under your garment when possible, to avoid damaging or pulling up the fibres.


The natural fibres used to make your garment can lead to some natural pilling. This is perfectly normal and is not a garment fault. Pilling should be gently removed using a dull razor blade or a de-pilling tool.

Storing your garment

Your garment should be laid flat or folded when not in use and it should never be hung on a coat hanger to avoid unwanted stretching.

Cleaning Instructions

You should only Dry Clean your Soft Hands garment. Do not wash it and/or use chlorine based bleach. You can iron it by placing an ironing cloth over the top of the yarn and using the steam function on your iron at 100ºC (210ºF) or less.

Please ensure you follow these care instructions. Soft Hands cannot replace garments that are damaged because they have not been cared for correctly.